AffiliateAdvertising.Club SCAM?

I like to ride trends, and this AffiliateAdvertising club is the next trend and it has to do with cryptocurrency and affiliate marketing advertising which you have the chance to promote your Project on Pulsechain or other Blockchain and 10X your crypto portfolio very fast. Sounds to be a Scam??

It is a platform where, well, you must put in cryptocurrency, but it is unquestionably necessary to receive those packages of traffic to your offers. This is specifically Buyer Traffic. For anything you’re pushing, this is likely some of the best traffic you’ve ever seen, especially when it comes to marketing tools, online courses, and services.  If you take these actions, you can also 10 fold that cryptocurrency here.

We all have the same issue as affiliate marketers, or perhaps I should say that we all share the same thing. To generate sales, we require a steady stream of high-quality, focused leads. We don’t get sales without leads. And clearly we don’t make any money without sales. But where should you promote if you want to generate lots of qualified leads that result in sales? I’ll tell you where the greatest places to promote are either where you can specifically target other marketers or where other marketers are advertising. Why? Because 95 percent of them are unemployed, they are constantly open to new opportunities. Additionally, you don’t need to persuade other marketers that internet marketing is a terrific method to earn some extra cash on the side or as a full-time job. Not only are they already persuaded, but they are all customers as well.

Which do you believe to be superior? Do you prefer free or paid traffic? Because it’s free, most individuals will disregard free traffic without giving it any thought. Although there are some excellent free traffic sources that can send a lot of high-quality, focused leads to your offer, free traffic is often quite slow and requires a lot more of your effort and time.

Nothing compares to bought traffic in terms of volume, speed, improved tracking, ability to target a more specific audience, and, most of the time, higher conversion rates. The reality is that with sponsored traffic, your ROI is everything. If you’re careless, you can find yourself spending far more than you’re bringing in. This explains why so many marketers experiment with paid advertising before giving up since they didn’t get their money’s worth quickly enough. What if your R o I was no longer a concern for you at all? What if you had access to a 100% buyer’s audience, had all the advantages of paid traffic, knew your audience was receptive to what you had to offer, and even had guaranteed views and clicks on your ads? Yes, you can receive all of these advantages and never again have to figure out your ROI because it is always present.

I’ll go over a lot of crucial details. Even though the article will be brief, it will be packed with useful information. Okay, let’s get this thing going. The first thing you should do is sign up for free — here. We’ll give you another chance if you haven’t already if you haven’t done this. A but button will be located underneath this video. Click the registration button. You have nothing to lose by signing up for free right now. Take that away. Okay? After completing that, you must validate your account.

You need to confirm your account before you can log in. Once you’ve signed up, you should check your email to see if there is an activation link, and then you should log into your website. You should receive this activation link in your inbox. If you still can’t find it, check your promotional inbox, particularly on Gmail. There is something entering that promotional mailbox. Additionally, there’s a chance it can end up in your spam folder. Okay? To log onto your website, locate the email and click the activation link. After we’ve done that, our next goal is to fund your purchase balance. The recommended payment option is Litecoin, and you will be compensated in Litecoin as well, right? Okay, if you’re just getting started with cryptocurrency, you might fit that description. Please don’t be scared off by cryptocurrencies. Okay, so we all know how to send an email.

If you have no Crypto available yet we recommened Bitpanda to buy some.

The following thing we want to perform is buy our advertising packages. After purchasing your packages, you can use this platform to create campaigns, use credits, and market anything you want. There will be a lot of traffic. For some of you, it will change everything. The fact that this is a list of only buyers explains why. This is the best online traffic you could possibly imagine coming across. My friends, this is going to be amazing you can promote your PROJECT on Pulsechain and double your Crypto from time to time. There will be very reasonable traffic bundle prices available here. For as little as $10, you may start and purchase traffic.

What the heck is that even possible? Introducing the Affiliate Advertising Club. Membership in the AAC Is A Club is and always will be free; there are never any yearly or monthly dues. The Affiliate Advertising Club provides its members with a number of really powerful advertising goods to draw potential customers to your offer. This is the part I’m most looking forward to, and I know you will be, too. Remember that you have two ways to earn because we don’t want you to always worry about monitoring your ROI. First off, we have a ranking affiliate program that offers commissions of up to 20% on your sales, repurchases, and referrals. Everyone who joins the AAC begins at the level of Pearl. Affiliates for Pearl receive 10% commissions. You will receive 10% of any new member’s advertising buy made using your referral link and added immediately to your account balance.

You advance to the rank of Ruby after your total referral purchases surpass $20,000 in total. 15% of affiliate commissions go to Ruby. You are immediately promoted to the rank of Diamond once your total cumulative referral purchases reach $50,000. Affiliates who are diamonds get 20% commissions. Let me now offer you a few instances of what you might be able to make with our ranking affiliate program. Let’s start with Pearl, where everyone begins out earning 10% from Pearls. Assume you have five referrals who each spend $1,000 per month on goods. You may make $500 a month in affiliate commissions from advertising. You would now make $1,125 a month in affiliate commissions assuming Ruby were earning 15% and you had 15 recommendations who were each spending $500 a month on advertising. You would make $3,000 per month in affiliate commissions if you were Ruby and had ten referrals who each spent $2,000 per month on advertising.

Now, if you have 20 referrals who each spend $1,000 a month on advertising and you have reached the level of Diamond, you would make $4,000 in affiliate commissions per month. Affiliate commissions for a diamond with 50 referrals who spends $2,000 per month on advertising would be $20,000 per month. Last but not least, a diamond with 100 referrals who each spend $3,000 on advertising each month would generate $60,000 in commissions each month. Don’t you think that’s what we’re aiming toward now? And you might be wondering what leads me to believe that your referrals would be paying $500, $1,000, or more on advertising here each month. If you recall, I mentioned that the Affiliate Advertising Club offers its members two opportunities to make that money. Our Activity Rewards program, often known as ARP, offers Active AAC members the possibility to receive back twice as much money spent on advertising.

I should include a disclaimer at this point. It is optional to take part in the Activity Rewards program. As the name suggests, there is no assurance of income from the ARP. You must comprehend how the Activity pays program doubles your advertising expenditure back before you can appreciate how it pays individuals for being active. I must first explain to you how advertising functions. The AAC offers four different categories of advertising packages, and we promise views and clicks on each one. First, practically every page of the website features rotating, very visible text adverts. Next, there are visual banner adverts of various sizes and shapes that have been strategically placed over the page. Then, to make sure they are not missed, we have our customary login and logoff full-page adverts. Then, with astounding open rates, we send our signature email solo advertising directly to your recipients‘ inboxes.

$20, $40, $80, and $160. Due to the configuration, you can only purchase them in lots of 10. You are free to purchase as much traffic as you desire and, er, intend to use. But let’s use purchasing $10 worth of traffic bundles as an illustration. You may purchase up to ten of those for a total of $100 in one transaction, If you want to purchase 10 more when that transaction clears, return immediately and do so, okay? then just keep moving forward. Therefore, you can purchase ten of those $20 packages at once. The same applies; you can purchase 10 each of the $40, $80, and $160 bundles simultaneously. Okay? Therefore, you can only purchase 10 of each denomination at once.

That much is straightforward. It is entirely optional to purchase our traffic. Join the Activity Rewards Program (ARP), often known as. Let me describe how this operates. This has major significance. The ARP does not assure financial success. Everyone needs to understand this very clearly, okay? The activity rewards program rewards members for being active, as the name suggests! This is a bonus for doing anything, that’s all!You must finish your daily tasks in order to receive your five ARP points each day. You need to get moving. You perform your duties each and every day. You’ll need roughly three minutes to complete this. Five ARP points are yours.

ARP Points? Pretty basic. This is what we need to do. The first is that you access your account daily. You gain one a r p point by doing this. That was pretty simple, right? The next step is to click on and read no less than two text adverts each day. Okay, you’ll get two ARP points. You should read more text ads since some of the best marketers in the world will be using this platform to advertise. You might want to look at what they have to offer! On this platform, there will be some incredibly potent and strong offerings. You might want to explore around since you might discover something amazing that you want to promote on this site. Therefore, we will at the very least click on and read two text adverts. Next, we’ll click on the website’s identical banner advertising in two different sizes to view them.

We possess two ARP points as a result of doing this. Accordingly, as you can see on the screen in front of you, we earned one point from our daily login and two points from two text adverts. From two banners, two more points. Anyone can do this right now because it is so simple. This is simple. Your five points do not qualify you for a daily activity program. It’s that easy. Yes, it is that simple. Alright. Now that we’ve finished with that, the Activity Rewards program also has a weekly requirement. Okay? Every day, constantly, for seven days in a row, we’ll carry out our routine. Not an issue. It’s quite addictive. This is going to be fantastic. It will be a lot of fun, I promise. But there will also be weekly tasks that we must complete. Weekly. This is what you need to accomplish. All database members will receive solo advertising.

One of the AAC club’s advertising items is solo ads, correct? How great is that, now? We can promote to a 100% buyer’s list if you or I buy a solo ad. How amazing is that? You know, I’ll be purchasing these single advertisements. You are aware that will take place. You too can succeed. Imagine presenting your offers to 100% of interested parties. You guys are going to love the traffic. It’s going to be crazy. Therefore, these emails will be sent. You will receive these emails. What you should do is to open each and every email, so do that, alright? Okay, when you see these solo advertisements, please forward them to your promotional box or inbox. To ensure that they always get in your inbox, whitelist the address. After opening each email, the next thing you should do is definitely read the message. I expect you to want to read the email. You might pick up some marketing and copywriting skills. There will be some powerful revelations after reading these emails.


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