Beaxy Full Service Digital Asset Trading Platform bxy/pls Token

Beaxy’s exclusive partnership with OneMarketData (“OMD”), lead to the development of a proprietary and market leading matching engine with unparallelled speeds of up to 225,000 transactions per second, per pair – comparable to that of NASDAQ. Our development teams started with OMD’s OneTick® product, a comprehensive suite for time-series data management and real-time analytical events utilized by Bloomberg and The Federal Reserve – among others – and built Beaxy’s matching engine on top of their existing software. The result is a platform with extremely low latency and market leading high speed data transmission.

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➡️Why Beaxy Crypto Exchange could be the next Binance?

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Do you remember the launch of the crypto exchange Binance in 2017?
They Start with their BNB Token $0,096109 USD (Aug 01, 2017) and is now more worth than 30 Dollar. If you only ? invest 500 Dollar your investment is more than 156.000 Dollar?!!

Now with Beaxy crypto exchange based in Chigaco you have your second chance!

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Beaxy has partnered with a renowned cyber-security firm to fully audit our exchange. Features like, automatic sweeping, phishing prevention, 2FA, IP whitelisting, and more are part of our mission to deliver a powerful secure platform to our users.

Beaxy will offer 24/7 customer support. We are completely dedicated to changing the way customer support works in the crypto space, for the better. Customer service isn’t important until you need it and we intend to offer a never before seen level of customer support within crypto, when you need it.

Superior Tech
Beaxy is an all in one cryptocurrency exchange, bringing the best tools and features found within traditional markets – advanced order types, portfolio management, unmatched speed, and more – to crypto trading for the first time ever.

Loyalty Program
Holding PLS on our platform will reward users with up to 25% of trade fees collected.
Exchanging BXY for PLS is optional, and is locked for periods of time set by the user. Program rewards never reduce or expire.

Coin Staking
Receive discounted trading fees by staking your BXY tokens.
Multi-tiered system with increasing discounts the more you stake.

Referral Program
Receive 25% of transaction fees from referred accounts for the first 3 months, receive 10% for the lifetime of those accounts thereafter.
Referred users receive 2 month Platinum level membership (20% fee discount).

Discounting Trading Fees
Users will receive a 50% discount on trading fees by using BXY tokens.
Feature will work in conjunction with coin staking.

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